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31 August 2021

The Women’s Room

By |2022-03-24T10:36:55+11:0031 August 2021|Tags: |Comments Off on The Women’s Room

The Women's Room is a bi-monthly online discussion forum for all young women living with HIV (under 45 years of age) anywhere in NSW regardless of their length of diagnosis. We offer a safe [...]

5 June 2020

Positive Conversations

By |2022-05-19T10:44:44+10:005 June 2020|Tags: |Comments Off on Positive Conversations

Positive Conversations online meetings are open to all people living with HIV in NSW, over 18 years of age, regardless of gender or orientation. Positive Life facilitates these monthly online meetings via Zoom between [...]

28 March 2015


By |2022-04-06T08:53:05+10:0028 March 2015|Tags: |Comments Off on [+Connect]

[+Connect] is an inclusive social event for all people living with HIV, our partners, family and friends to get together and celebrate life in a safe, accessible and friendly environment. [+Connect] OUTWEST is the [...]

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