Employment continues to present challenges for those of us living with HIV. Dealing with side effects, intermittent illness and time away from work for doctor’s appointments and pharmacy visits, requires flexibility on the part of employers. The management of disclosure, the impact of breaches of privacy and potential discrimination within the workplace, can make getting and keeping a job more difficult.

We can support people living with HIV who are employed to understand their employment rights and responsibilities, manage career change, financial planning, disclosure and privacy issues, and to advocate for the flexibility to maintain our health and life balance while also working. We will also use this work to consider ways to work with employers and unions regarding these issues.

Working it Out – workplace HIV discrimination

Your rights in the workplace

Discrimination in the workplace because of your HIV status is illegal in NSW. If you are living with HIV, you are not required to disclose your HIV status in the workplace, unless you are a health care worker who carries out exposure-prone procedures (EPPs).

If you feel you are being treated badly at work because of your HIV status, it is better to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HALC)

HALC offers a range of publications on HIV and the law, as well as a free legal service available to anyone with a HIV/AIDS related legal matter. Tel: (02) 9206 2060 or www.halc.org.au

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