HIV stigma

28 October 2021

Silence = Death

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Speak up about HIV! AIDS still kills People can live with HIV for many years without knowing.  Whether it's fear of finding out or they just haven't had a HIV test, their treatment is [...]

28 October 2021


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Why reach for Zero in 2019? Zero HIV risk People living with HIV in NSW on anti-retroviral treatment who have an undetectable viral load (UVL) have Zero risk of transmitting HIV to our sexual [...]

28 October 2021

Hidden in Plain Sight

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In 2020, more people than ever are living with HIV ‘hidden in plain sight’, and have been here all along since the beginning of the HIV epidemic including ‘emerging’ groups of heterosexual people, women [...]

18 December 2020

I experienced HIV stigma in hospital

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I am Angel and I am from the southern part of Africa. I am 39 years old and this is my story.

27 February 2020

Communities make the difference to me

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I have been living with HIV for over 22 years, five of which I was unaware I was positive.

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