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Positive Life NSW offers peer support and advocacy to all women living with HIV across the NSW metropolitan and regional areas to achieve and maintain our quality of life and wellbeing. Women living with HIV have specific social and health-related experiences associated with HIV.

If you are a woman living with HIV and you want some support, please contact us to speak to a peer living with HIV by calling (02) 9206-2177 or 1800 245 677 (freecall) or email contact@positivelife.org.au

Positive Life NSW recognises and celebrates the annual National Day of Women Living with HIV (NDWLHIV) on 9 March. Please email contact@positivelife.org.au to receive your own invitation and notice to Positive Life’s yearly National Day event!

2021 Media Release Taking control of our health: 6th National Day of Women Living with HIV

Below are resources on our website and links to other places on the internet which could prove helpful to you. While 10 per cent of people living with HIV in Australia are women, Positive Life acknowledges that women living with HIV continue to be relatively invisible in the HIV prevention message.

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Online Resources

pdf iconHIV & your Cervix

pdf iconHPV & Anal Cancer

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Living Well – information about some of the key issues for WLHIV

Femfatales – the National Network of Women living with HIV advisory group

Unravelling the Law – a guide for women living with HIV

Positive Women Victoria – support and advocacy for WLHIV


Online Articles

Why women with HIV are persistently invisible – and how we can challenge it Theo Gordon, The Conversation, April 2018

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