Peer Support

LIVING WITH HIV and need to talk?

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WE ARE POSITIVE we can make a difference!

Peer support means

  • getting support from someone else living with HIV
  • speaking with someone who shares your experience of HIV
  • finding answers together from someone else in your shoes (peer navigators)

We believe that people living with HIV are best placed to support and advocate as equals for the needs of other people living with HIV.

Positive Life has a number of peer navigators living with HIV to support you as you navigate your HIV journey. Whether you are a woman living with HIV, a heterosexual person living with HIV, or a gay man living with HIV, talking with someone else like yourself offers one of the best ways to get understanding and find solutions to live well with HIV.  Ask to speak to someone else living with HIV when you’re looking for support.

We run a range of peer-led support groups for gay men, women, and heterosexual men and women. Click here to view our support groups.

Whether it’s housing needs, treatments questions, ageing, employment or vocational support, the value of speaking with and getting support from someone else with a lived experience of HIV can make all the difference.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support
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Ageing Support
Treatments and Managing your HIV