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Become a member of Positive Life NSW. Membership is a way to show your support for the work of Positive Life NSW and the vision and mission we uphold.

Full membership is open to anyone living with HIV who resides in New South Wales, while Associate membership is open to anyone directly involved with someone living with HIV such as partners, family members or other supporters who reside in New South Wales.

Positive Life Membership is FREE.

You can apply to become a member by applying online (below) or downloading and printing our Membership Form.

Online Membership Form (click to complete the form)


pdf iconPDF Membership Form (click to print the form)

If you cannot download or print the form please call the office on 1800 245 677 (freecall) to get a Membership Form posted out to you

There are three types of membership available:

1. Full membership – available to any resident of New South Wales, aged 18 years or over, who is living with HIV;

2. Associate membership – available to anyone

    • under the age of 18 years who is living with HIV, subject to the consent, where appropriate, of their parent or guardian or:
    • directly involved with someone living with HIV such as partners, family members or other supporters, who resides inside or outside New South Wales.

3. Distinguished membership (formerly life-time membership), is offered annually to nominated people living with HIV, who have contributed significantly to the rights and well being of people who are affected by HIV/AIDS in NSW. Distinguished members are nominated and elected unanimously by the Board.

Applications are reviewed by the Positive Life NSW Board of Directors at their monthly board meetings (except January and December). Membership ceases upon resignation, death, or expulsion.

Download a copy of the PLNSW Constitution

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