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The Positive Life NSW Treatments and Health Officer offers one-on-one support for all people living with HIV, including our partners, family & friends affected by HIV across the NSW metropolitan and regional areas.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed or have lived with HIV longer and want to explore any questions including:

  • Results including viral load and managing health in general
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities: disclosure, partners, family and friends, or at work
  • Antiretroviral treatment (ART), difficulties with side effects, taking medication on time
  • Mental health including social isolation depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide
  • Substances use, smoking, alcohol and other drugs
  • HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND)
  • HIV and Travel, links to Immigration support and studying with HIV in NSW

Positive Life has a number of peer navigators living with HIV, to answer your questions and ensure you have up-to-date information to navigate your HIV journey.  We also accept referrals from other people living with HIV, friends, family or via all allied health and housing sector staff.

Call the Treatments and Health Officer at Positive Life on (02) 9206 2177, 1800 245 677 (freecall) or email

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