Positive Life NSW is a service for people living with HIV and those affected by HIV in New South Wales. Positive Life NSW is committed to providing the best possible service to our members, stakeholders and community in a manner which is not discriminatory and safeguards dignity.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Every person accessing Positive Life NSW services has rights and responsibilities.

Consumers accessing Positive Life NSW have the right:

  • To receive a high quality and appropriate service
  • To feel safe and secure
  • To be treated with dignity, respect and consideration of individual needs by all at Positive Life NSW
  • To receive services in a manner which is neither discriminatory nor judgemental and which respects cultural beliefs
  • To be introduced to all staff who are present
  • To have all information treated confidentially
  • To be informed and have access to information and services of Positive Life NSW
  • To give feedback, suggestions or submit a complaint and have it treated appropriately and in a timely manner
  • To receive prompt responses to questions or concerns

Consumers accessing Positive Life NSW have a responsibility to:

  • To treat everyone at Positive Life NSW with respect and courtesy
  • To cooperate with staff at Positive Life NSW at all times
  • To speak to staff, volunteers and other consumers in a respectable way
  • To respect the confidentiality of staff, volunteers and consumers accessing Positive Life NSW
  • To not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at Positive Life NSW
  • To demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all times
  • To respect the privacy, needs and dignity of others by being courteous and considerate
  •  To comply with all relevant organisational policy and procedures such as OH&S

If consumers do not comply with these guidelines staff have the right to ask that person to leave Positive Life NSW.

Complaints Policy Statement

Consumers have the right to comment about any part of the service provide to them by Positive Life NSW or make a complaint. If a consumer is dissatisfied with the service received from Positive Life, staff will ensure that they are fully aware of the complaints and grievance procedure available to them.

  • Consumers are encouraged to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied with the service provided by Positive Life NSW
  • All complaints are to be dealt with sensitivity and in a timely matter
  • Complaints can be verbal or in writing in the first instance
  • If you would like to make a complaint, Positive Life NSW staff will first attempt to discuss and resolve the matter directly with you
  • If you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can contact the Chief Operations Officer and/or Executive Officer and an interview can arranged to discuss the issue
  • If the issue is not resolved then a formal written compliant should be lodged and forwarded Chief Operations Officer and/or the Chief Executive Officer or the President
  • The Chief Operations Officer and/or the Chief Executive Officer or the President will respond to the complaint in writing within 7 to 10 working days. The written response should outline the nature/content of the complaint and how the complaint is to be resolved
  • If the complaints are in regard to a privacy concern/enquiry then a privacy enquiry form should be completed and forwarded to the Chief Operations Officer. Privacy enquiries will be responded to within 15 working days
  • You have the right to have someone assist you during the complaints process. If an interpreter is needed then Positive Life NSW will assist you to access the services of an interpreter free of charge
  • The Chief Operations Officer will record and log all complaints within the Consumer Complaints Register, which is securely stored
  • If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome, you will be referred to the NSW Community Services Commission (tel: 1800 060 409)
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