National Day of Women Living with HIV

9 March 2023

Challenging Stigma: Closing the Gender Gap

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Thursday 09 March 2023 is Australia’s eighth National Day of Women living with HIV. On this day we recognise and affirm all women living with HIV, including our trans and gender diverse sisters and those who identify as non-binary, under the 2023 aspirational theme ‘Challenging Stigma: Closing the Gender Gap’.

18 March 2022

Women living with HIV? Hidden in plain sight

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28 years ago,as a married heterosexual monogamous woman, I received a life-altering diagnosis. HIV.

21 March 2019

2019 National Day of Women Living with HIV

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Community report on the 2019 National Day of Women Living with HIV highlighted existing issues of concern and unmet needs of women living with HIV in Australia.

5 March 2018

(In)visible women (living with HIV)

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Let’s start having honest conversations about the systemic silencing of women within our society, particularly when it comes to the medical sector's pervasive disbelief of women's experiences of pain and right to bodily autonomy. [...]

15 March 2016

How gender impacts the lives of women living with HIV

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As a heterosexual woman living with HIV for the past 21 years, I am acutely aware that the lived experience of women with HIV today is still mired in ignorance and invisibility.

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