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9 March 2023

Challenging Stigma: Closing the Gender Gap

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Thursday 09 March 2023 is Australia’s eighth National Day of Women living with HIV. On this day we recognise and affirm all women living with HIV, including our trans and gender diverse sisters and those who identify as non-binary, under the 2023 aspirational theme ‘Challenging Stigma: Closing the Gender Gap’.

25 January 2023

January 26th – ‘A day of resistance and survival…not celebration’

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As we approach January 26, we recognise that for a great many of our community this public holiday, one that was only established 29 years ago, is anything but a cause for celebration.

1 December 2022

2022 World AIDS Day: ‘Equalise’ – Let’s Leave No-One Behind

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This year’s International World AIDS theme ‘Equalise’ is a powerful call to action to address, and dismantle the inequalities and barriers that impede on progress and human dignity.

9 April 2015


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For comment or response from a Positive Life Representative on behalf of all people living with HIV across NSW, please contact the Positive Life NSW Communications Manager with the context of your media query [...]

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