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12 April 2022

Anal Cancer Advocacy Group | Lead

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Positive Life NSW The Anal Cancer Advocacy Group was established in 2013 to: Raise awareness of HPV-related anal cancer in high risk populations (all people living with HIV, HIV-negative gay, bisexual and men who [...]

4 December 2020

Anal cancer screening

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Digital Ano-Rectal Examination (DARE) Annual anal cancer screening is recommended for men living with HIV who have sex with men.  Positive Life supports the recommendations from ASHM for anal cancer screening in men living [...]

1 December 2018

Digital ano-rectal examination (DARE)

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Factsheet outlining how to perform a digital ano-rectal examination (DARE) to check for anal abnormalities that could lead to anal cancer.

12 September 2018

Gay men’s awareness of human papillomavirus related anal cancer

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A community based survey of 1,660 respondents to assess awareness of and screening for anal human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and anal cancer in people living with HIV and gay and bisexual men in Australia. 

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