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Talkabout (1988 – present day)

Talkabout is our magazine for and by people living with HIV with the subhead: ‘Where we speak for ourselves’.  It has a history of carrying writing that combines the ‘personal and political’ – articles by people living with HIV about our physical and personal experiences that also analyses our social conditions.

plnsw talkabout 198

Talkabout #198 – August 2021

If you are a resident of NSW living with HIV, you are eligible for Positive Life NSW Full membership and receive Talkabout posted to you free of charge.
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Otherwise, if you are not eligible for Full membership, you can receive Talkabout under an annual subscription, six-monthly or monthly subscription fee.
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HIV Difference

In 2008 and 2012, Positive Life published two lifestyle magazines, Sero Disco and Sero Disco 2 respectively. In these magazines, we asked ‘Why let HIV get in the way of a good relationship?’ and shared our personal experiences and stories of HIV-different (sero-discordent) relationships where one partner is HIV-positive and the other is HIV-negative

In 2017, HIV Difference continued this evolving story of sex, health, love, and HIV.

Poz Lite (2015-2019)

Pos Lite showcases the ‘best of ’ articles, stories and opinion pieces from the year before with a focus on the article, personal stories and experiences by and for people living with HIV.

4 Support
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support
housing support for people living with HIV
Ageing support for older people with HIV
treatments and Managing your HIV
4 Support
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support
housing support for people living with HIV
Ageing Support
Treatments and Managing your HIV