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15 June 2022

The Men’s Room

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The Men's Room is a bi-monthly discussion group for all men living with HIV who identify as heterosexual regardless of their length of diagnosis. We offer a safe and friendly space to connect with [...]

31 August 2021

The Women’s Room

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The Women's Room is a bi-monthly online discussion forum for all young women living with HIV (under 45 years of age) anywhere in NSW regardless of their length of diagnosis. We offer a safe [...]

3 June 2021

Peer Support

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LIVING WITH HIV and need to talk? Call us (02) 8357-8386 or email WE ARE POSITIVE we can make a difference! Peer support means getting support from someone else living with HIV speaking [...]

5 June 2020

Positive Conversations

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Positive Conversations online meetings are open to all people living with HIV in NSW, over 18 years of age, regardless of gender or orientation. Positive Life facilitates these monthly online meetings via Zoom between [...]

8 March 2018

Women living with HIV

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Today, about 10 per cent of people living with HIV in Australia are women, yet they continue to be relatively invisible in the HIV prevention message. Women living with HIV have specific social and [...]

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