Women living with HIV

Today, about 10 per cent of people living with HIV in Australia are women, yet they continue to be relatively invisible in the HIV prevention message. Women living with HIV have specific social and health-related experiences associated with HIV.

If you are a woman living with HIV and you need support you can contact the Treatments Officer and peer at Positive Life NSW by calling (02) 8357 8386, 1800 245 677 (freecall) or email contact@positivelife.org.au

National Day of Women Living with HIV (NDWLHIV) is 9 March each year (email contact@positivelife.org.au to receive NDWLHIV notices and invitations).

Below are resources on our website and links to other places on the internet which could prove helpful to you.

2019:pdf iconA Community Perspective: On Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancer among women and, trans and gender diverse people – PLNSW report

pdf iconWomen, HIV and Life Community Report – PLNSW report

Living Well – information about some of the key issues for WLHIV

Femfatales – the National Network of Women living with HIV advisory group


Unravelling the Law – a guide for women living with HIV

International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) – global network by and for WLHIV

Positive Women Victoria – support and advocacy for WLHIV

Know your body blueprint

Women and HIV

For your clinicians and GPs

Access to HIV treatment in Australia

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support
housing support for people living with HIV
Ageing Support
Treatments and Managing your HIV