The Choice Is Yours campaign developed by Positive Life NSW, prior to and after rollout of HIV community dispensing services from 1 July 2015, was to meet the information requirements of people living with HIV, HIV sector partners and community pharmacists, offering people living with HIV and pharmacists with a single access point of information.  Consequently, the rollout of community dispensing of HIV medication in NSW was relatively smooth, and this was in some part due to The Choice Is Yours campaign.

The campaign comprised three communication elements: 1) a microsite located on the Positive Life website, 2) electronic communications to people living with HIV and HIV service partners that link back to information on the microsite, and 3) a poster distributed to community pharmacies who dispense HIV medications.

Campaign content was informed by results from an electronic survey that investigated the information needs and concerns of people living with HIV prior to rollout of HIV community dispensing. It was also informed by the information needs of community pharmacies and pharmacists. Information was continuously updated to address implementation and rollout issues and to remain abreast of the changing needs of people living with HIV and pharmacies. Campaign materials were described as timely, relevant, appropriately targeted and containing accurate and unambiguous information for people living with HIV and HIV service staff in an environment where there was a high degree of uncertainty and misinformation during the pre/post roll out of HIV dispensing services across NSW.

Community Report:pdf iconThe Choice is Yours campaign evaluation

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