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Putting the call out to my community for two guys to share a moment while being photographed enabled these two HIV positive men to tell such a story of intimacy. Some could see this as bravery, others as a statement of “this is life – I’m OK – get over it”.

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May we vale the Grim Reaper campaign to the ignominy that it belonged to in the first place. Living with HIV currently means leading a full life with pretty much all the adventures and possibilities life can throw at us. Stigmatisation and fear of rejection for being HIV positive are not completely a thing of the past but a broader understanding of a life living with HIV leads to less intolerance.

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Treatment as Prevention (or TasP) is used by people living with HIV to live healthier lives and reduce transmission of the virus.  Today it is recommended that anti-retroviral treatment be started immediately after diagnosis to reduce the viral load to ‘undetectable’. Many recent studies have shown that a continuous undetectable viral load means transmission of the HIV virus has proved to be basically zero.

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Treating HIV early after diagnosis provides greatly improved helath outcomes and dramatically reduces viral transmission


Published for Talkabout Online #184 – October 2015

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