2023 Heterosexual Retreat Report

Community Report: In June 2023, Positive Life NSW facilitated ‘Life Beyond’ Heterosexual Retreat, an opportunity for all attendees, both community members and Positive Life facilitators to engage as peers, discuss and share life experiences and strategies around living with HIV, in a safe, confidential and understanding peer support environment.

The program was structured to provide opportunities for participants to reflect on their HIV journey to date and examine their thinking styles in relation to their health diagnosis through art and psychotherapeutic tools. These included meditation techniques, art therapy, group therapy strategies and reflection on cognitive distortion thinking styles and personal wellbeing.

The overwhelming benefits of the workshop as expressed by attendees was multiple: the mitigation of social isolation along with significant shifts for a number of participants who have lived with HIV for over 10 years and still experience a daily sense of trauma around their HIV status.

Community Report:pdf icon 2023 ‘Life Beyond’ Heterosexual Retreat report

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