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A couple of years ago, the spread of Mpox, sometimes known as MPX, MPV, or ‘monkeypox’ was a short and sharp moment in time for all of us. Recalling the ghost of COVID and the HIV/AIDS epidemic, we collectively held our breath as Mpox started to take hold across the world.

Thankfully, in Australia, our public health response kicked in and we saw Mpox as an issue diminish almost as quickly as it came upon us. This was due in no small part to our community who responded quickly to health promotion messaging and got vaccinated en-masse. This also helped ensure a fabulous and safe World Pride 2023 season in Sydney.

Mpox is a virus that’s primarily transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. It causes blisters and sores that form from a rash on the skin. It can be very painful and take over a week for symptoms to subside. People who have Mpox may not know it’s there, so it’s always best to be proactive about your health and take preventative measures.

Even though Australia responded quickly to Mpox, the rest of the world didn’t quite fare so well. Today we’re still seeing Mpox flare up in Africa, South America, Europe, North America and Asia. Recently in late April 2024, there has also been local transmissions of Mpox in Melbourne and Queensland.

If you’re planning to travel overseas, or just want to protect yourself against Mpox, it’s a good idea to get the Mpox vaccine. Sexually active cis and trans, gay and bisexual men; their sexual partners; as well as sex workers, are eligible to be vaccinated for free. Selected publicly funded sexual health clinics across NSW have stock of the Mpox vaccine, Jyennos. Administering Jyennos, the Mpox vaccine, is done by a sexual health clinician over two appointments spaced four weeks apart. Jyennos is also safe and the recommended vaccine for people living with HIV.

If you want to discuss whether you need to get an Mpox vaccine, you can call Positive Life NSW and speak with our Treatments Officer on (02) 8357 8386, 1800 245 677 (freecall) or email

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