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On Saturday 13 April 2019, Positive Life NSW staff and board members consulted with people living with HIV, and our partners, friends and family on the multiple issues and impacts of HIV and ageing. The forum created a safe space and an opportunity for us to reflect on and validate the range of experiences of our peers in the context of the impact of ageing.

It highlighted and clarified that HIV impacts people living with HIV through ageing, financially, socially and across healthcare needs. We heard a range of voices from the different groups of people living with HIV on how ageing intersects with a variety of life experiences and how we maintain our independence, dignity and self-care, in the face of inevitable frailty and decline.

This report outlines participants’ concerns and challenges ageing with HIV, particularly the interconnections between disability, mental health, independence, dignity and privacy concerns against a backdrop of pill-burden, adherence, financial and security concerns.

Community Report:pdf iconHIV and Ageing Forum

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