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A community member shares his experience of medicinal cannabis, also known as medical marijuana.

Originally, to manage my pain, my doctor suggested consuming cannabis through baked goods to avoid the potential downsides of smoking and the fact that cooking destroys the moulds and fungi in the raw product. I tried eating cookies baked with green butter.  While they did offer me some pain relief, I found them overwhelming at times and they gave me the munchies.

About two years ago, I had to change to a new doctor for various reasons. After a friend told me about medical marijuana and the benefits he got from it, I decided to talk to my doctor about it. He was very supportive and informed on the beneficial effects of medical marijuana on the treatment of chronic pain.  He had no problem prescribing it for me for my pain management.

He handled all the necessary paperwork, and within a week, I obtained a prescription. Following his recommendation, I visited a local pharmacy, where the staff treated me with professionalism and no judgement.

The pharmacy staff provided excellent guidance, and I followed a routine of spraying the inside of my mouth twice a day. Although the taste was somewhat earthy, I didn’t experience any intoxicating effects.

Instead, I felt more comfortable and relaxed, with no noticeable side effects or cravings for food. After a few months of consistent use, I observed a significant reduction in my pain levels, which greatly pleased me despite the substantial cost exceeding $100.

I’m now on a new oil formulation, which is administered through drops under the tongue. It retains the familiar grassy taste and is much simpler to use compared to the spray version. With the oil I don’t get stoned, and I am able to go to work and concentrate fully with no bad side effects, like paranoia or feeling tired or hungry.

I’ve also noticed a big reduction in my depression and anxiety since using the liquid. I still get depressive episodes, but they are fewer and less intense in nature, and are a lot easier to control. This may be the placebo effect, or of just feeling a bit more relaxed from the oil, but I know I am more outgoing and at ease in social situations now.

Peter McGrath

Published in Talkabout #208 March 2024

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