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In 2024, we say ‘It starts with us me’

I have more ways than ever to prevent HIV

The HIV pandemic is not over. Today there are more HIV prevention strategies and ways to prevent HIV transmission than ever. I can raise awareness of HIV and make sure my friends and family know how to stay free of HIV. From condoms, to getting tested and knowing your HIV status, to pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP and PEP), and free access to safe sterile injecting equipment, HIV prevention starts with me.

HIV testing puts me in control of my health

Anyone who is sexually active can contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI), including HIV. Getting tested for HIV puts me in control and benefits the health and wellbeing of those around me. Regular STI testing in NSW is free, anonymous, confidential, and safe for everyone. Getting tested means I can make informed decisions about my health and gives me confidence in my HIV status. I am ready to act quickly if I test positive. HIV testing starts with me.

HIV medication is simple, easy and accessible in NSW

Treatment for HIV today is extremely effective and means I can live a long healthy life like anyone else. Starting HIV medication soon after a diagnosis benefits my long-term health and wellbeing. Treatment is simple, easy and free for anyone in NSW. Taking HIV medication as prescribed means I can’t pass HIV onto anyone else. Taking my medication, keeping my health appointments, self-care and taking control of my health starts with me.

I can break down HIV myths and stigma

Shame and stigma about sexual health creates assumptions about HIV. Stigma can be public, clinical, judgemental or perceived. Stigmatising comments about AIDS or HIV impacts me and my health and the wellbeing of my partners, family and friends. When I dispel HIV myths and confront HIV stigma, I lead by example. Let’s shine a light on HIV stigma and discrimination, break down these barriers, and advocate for understanding and human rights. Confronting ignorance, dispelling myths and misinformation about HIV, starts with me.


To support this messaging in 2024, download the ‘It starts with us me’ brochure as an A4 page or a flyer.

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