We have a diverse group of HIV positive male, female and transgender speakers who represent the spectrum of the HIV community.

All of our positive speakers are regularly trained in presentation skills and reviewed based on feedback to ensure continuous quality improvement. They come from a range of diverse ages and backgrounds from different cultures, sexualities, cultural and linguistic diverse (CALD) backgrounds, and more.

Our diverse range of positive speakers support the learning outcomes of the PDHPE and Crossroads syllabus offering secondary school students living examples of the relationship between health behaviours and personal beliefs, attitudes and values by:

  • raising awareness of the key issues affecting the health, safety and wellbeing of young people,
  • encouraging students to think critically about the current health risks and trends that impact them,
  • promoting crucial messages about the transmission and prevention of HIV and other blood-borne viruses and
  • modelling values, beliefs and attitudes that promote respectful relationships.

If you are thinking about using the Positive Speakers’ Bureau, our positive speakers:

  • are regularly trained to present their personal stories in a way that puts groups at ease and encourages interactive learning.
  • make it easier for you to educate your group about a challenging subject and many people have thanked us for helping them with a subject that can be difficult to teach.
  • can tailor the presentation for the age group, subject and focus of your audience.
  • often highlight what people don’t know and encourages further learning.
  • represent the human face of HIV, making it very real for your group; it is not a lecture or a video, but a real person with whom they can interact.


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housing support for people living with HIV
Ageing Support
Treatments and Managing your HIV