1 May 2024

Coco Njeri

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Pooch Support Officer Coco started at Positive Life as a volunteer from a canine cuisine background as an obligate carnivore. A much loved member of the Positive Life Staff team, she stepped into a [...]

20 July 2023

Catherine Beck

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Administrative Support Catherine joined Positive Life as a volunteer in October 2022 and moved into Administrative Support in February 2023. Currently Catherine supports the senior management team, provides peer support to women and heterosexual [...]

27 June 2023

Peter Schlosser

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Positive Speakers Bureau (PSB) Coordinator Peter has worked in a variety of fields including the hospitality and catering industries, followed by teaching secondary school art and design between 1993 and 1995. He is a [...]

6 June 2023

Craig Andrews

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Communications and Policy Manager Craig has worked in the NSW community not-for-profit NGO sector since 1997 in a range of resource development and communications roles. He has a long history of supporting and implementing [...]

4 October 2022

Billy Suyapmo

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Peer and Vocational Support Officer Billy has a background in HR and engineering and has worked across the agriculture, health and hospitality sectors in Australia since 2018. As the Employment and Vocational Support Officer [...]

26 November 2021

Andrew Heslop

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Senior Health Promotion and Peer Navigation Manager Andrew Heslop is the Senior Health Promotion and Peer Navigation Manager at Positive Life NSW , responsible for the development of Positive Life's peer support and navigation [...]

29 October 2021

James Zagarella

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Chief Operations Officer James has over twenty years’ experience in executive business management roles, primarily in the medical, health and not-for-profit sector in operational leadership and change management, initiating management processes and operational systems [...]

21 July 2021

Priscilla Njeri

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Peer and Ageing Support Officer Priscilla Njeri joined Positive Life in June 2021 as a Peer Support Officer and since September 2022, Priscilla has responsibility of facilitating the Ageing Support program. She brings over [...]

11 March 2020

Simon Wilson

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IT Contractor
Simon Wilson

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