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22 January 2024

COVID is surging in Australia – and only 1 in 5 older adults are up to date with their boosters

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The Conversation breaks down the COVID data across the country and suggests what we can expect in 2024.

2 September 2023

Here’s what new 60-day prescriptions mean for you and your hip pocket

By |2023-09-07T11:41:09+10:002 September 2023|Categories: Health, Opinion, The Conversation|Tags: , , |0 Comments

The Conversation outlines what a 60-day prescriptions mean for all of us.

6 July 2023

For people with chronic pain, flexibility and persistence can protect wellbeing

By |2023-08-25T11:22:34+10:006 July 2023|Categories: Health, The Conversation|Tags: |0 Comments

The responses to chronic pain impacts mental wellbeing – even more so than a person's pain levels.

28 March 2022

Flu, COVID and flurona: what we can and can’t expect this winter

By |2023-08-25T11:47:40+10:0028 March 2022|Categories: Health, Opinion, The Conversation|Tags: , |0 Comments

Everyone is susceptible to flu, no matter your age or health. This winter 2022, the best way to protect yourself is to get your flu vaccine.

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