About PSB

The Positive Speakers Bureau (PSB) is a program of Positive Life NSW which offers your agency, school, organisation or group the opportunity to hear the first-hand experiences of people living with HIV.

Our trained speakers living with HIV share and educate a range of audiences by delivering key prevention, education, harm reduction and safer sex messages which are woven into each speaker’s story.

“I have been learning about HIV and I thought I knew a lot but when I heard you speaking, I was able to live it and feel what must be like to live with HIV. You gave us more than we asked for.” – Support Worker 2016

“The personal nature of the presentation is very effective. We hope to continue our association with Positive Speakers into the future. Thank you so much.” – Secondary school teacher 2017

“I think the speaker has mastered the art of public speaking and the sensitivity that goes with it. Our brief informal inquiry informed us that the audience were really happy with both content and style of presentation by the speaker.” – Multicultural Support Worker 2012

“Andrew’s openess made people feel comfortable resulting in a very interactive session. I would be very pleased if we could repeat the session on another occasion.” – Homelessness Health Clinical Nurse Consultant 2017

“The speakers were very clear, well spoken, knowledgeable and professional about the topic area.” – Secondary school teacher 2017

“The speakers language and the approach to the topics were perfect for the age group. There was a lot of excitement and a larger audience however the speaker managed to keep the youth engaged and listening to the presentation. Speaking about family and the community (mob) was so important. I think that, that was what really touched home for the young ones that don’t believe that they engage and participate in risky behaviours and are therefore not at risk and HIV/AIDS is not relevant to them however they are still a part of the bigger picture.” – Aboriginal Support Worker 2010

Positive Speakers Bureau Brochure

We launched the Positive Speakers’ Bureau (PSB) on World Aids Day, 1 December 1994, and the program is still running strong today.