We held an event on Tuesday 9 February as part of our regular ‘In The Know’ Treatments and Research information sessions, with three guest speakers presenting on the COVID-19 vaccine and what it means for our community members living with HIV.  They were:

  1. Mr Bruce Hamish Bowden, Clinical Pharmacist (HIV) from The Albion Centre
  2. Professor Anthony Kelleher, Director of The Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney who spoke about the COVID-19 Vaccine Science including side effects, research and types, how it affects people living with HIV
  3. Dr Prital Patel, Research Fellow at The Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney who presented on Vaccine Hesitancy and
  4. Associate Professor Edwina Wright, Chair of the ASHM COVID-19 Taskforce who discussed the COVID Vaccine Rollout/Schedule and Logistics.


Hit me with your best shot‘, ThinkGlobalHealth, 22 April 2021 by Dr Boghuma Kabisen Titanji and Dr Prital Patel.