Pooch Support Officer

Sook started at Positive Life as a volunteer from a canine cuisine background and demonstrated a growing interest in the gastronomy services and activities of Positive Life as an obligate carnivore.

After successfully overcoming her intermittent separation anxiety, she stepped into a role supporting the team as a Pooch Support Officer. Sook has taken on the responsibility of welcoming staff and visitors to the Positive Life office, imploring all for extra schmakos or bacon, chicken, ham or any other suitable carnivorous-based foodstuff.

A much loved member of the Positive Life Staff team, Sook’s passions include schmakos, sleeping and very loud snoring especially during teleconferences. She is particularly devoted to the Deputy CEO Neil Fraser and enjoys being scooped up, showered with smooches and rocked upside down.

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Ageing Support
Treatments and Managing your HIV