Senior Policy Officer

Liz Sutherland has experience in the HIV NGO sector, finance, business and healthcare management, rape and domestic violence services, and volunteering experience in animal welfare. Since joining Positive Life in May 2015, they have worked in a number of roles including Administration Officer, Manager responsible for the management of staff, programs, services and policy implementation, and most recently Senior Policy Officer. In their current role, Liz is responsible for research and development of the agency’s various programs, policy submissions, and continuous quality improvement. They currently work remotely to support the Positive Life team from Melbourne.

Liz graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Finance) from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia. They bring a detailed understanding of organisational and program requirements within a community-based setting.

Liz maintains passion for and commitment to justice, equity, and self-determination within the community, and furthering the health, support, and advocacy services available for all people living with HIV across NSW.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support
housing support for people living with HIV
Ageing Support
Treatments and Managing your HIV