Administrative & Project Support Officer

Ellen Kipper joined Positive Life in November 2021 as Administrative and Project Support Officer, with a focus on compliance, quality improvement and accreditation, volunteer programs, policies and procedures, evaluation and reporting activities and outcomes.

She has over six years’ experience in relationship and executive business management consulting, business strategy and analysis, planning and implementation of programmes.

Ellen is passionate about human rights and social policies to deliver services to meet the emerging needs of all people living with and affected by HIV in NSW. As a strong advocate against HIV stigma and discrimination, she is committed to furthering the message of HIV prevention, HIV awareness and testing and ensure all people living with HIV experience healthy and productive lives through empowerment and education.

Ellen holds an undergraduate qualification in Law and a Masters in company law. She is fluent in Portuguese, and speaks English and Spanish and is learning Italian.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support
housing support for people living with HIV
Ageing Support
Treatments and Managing your HIV